iPhone 6S with SKY ECC


Apple iPhone 6S with SKY ECC installed and ready for activation.
SKY ECC is the most secure communications platform you can buy.
Features security:
  • Installed on devices with built-in tamper resistance
  • Security-compromising features disabled like camera outside of the app, microphone, calling, Bluetooth, NFC, biometrics, app store access, and more
  • Always-on network encryption
  • Private mobile data network with custom APN settings
  • App installed in a secure container
  • Unbreakable brute-force protections
  • Messages and store files encrypted with 521 bit ECC—the strongest encryption of any communications app
  • Message metadata encrypted with 256 bit AES
  • Private keys generated and stored on your device
  • Private contact list
  • Your messages cannot ever be decrypted by SKY
  • Your messages are not stored on our servers
  • No personally identifiable information connected to your account

We believe you have the right to communicate privately and securely. SKY ECC respects and protects your privacy at all times.

iPhone 6S with SKY ECC